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Our mission:  “To respond to the needs of families and individuals through programs and services that will enrich their lives and strengthen our neighborhoods.”

Since 1896, Friendly House has sought to meet the needs of the community.  In conjunction with the overall mission of Friendly House to enrich lives and strengthen neighborhoods, we strive to provide quality, accessible, and affordable programs to all who seek to use our services.  Our mission provides that we work with the entire family unit, providing support and programming for all aspects of family life.

Friendly House continues to offer programs targeting economically challenged individuals and families, providing programs and services for preschool aged children through senior citizens which support our family-based approach to service.  While some of the programs  have a fee structure that is based on family size and income, none of the programs determine eligibility for service based on income.

Friendly House program areas include:
Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)
Preschool and Childcare Scholarship