About Friendly House


Generations of Quad City families have found Friendly House to be a haven, a social center, giver of counsel, extender of the helping hand and catalyst to involvement.   Friendly House is a settlement house founded on the principles of serving the whole family unit.   The settlement philosophy was brought to America from England in 1886 by Jane Addams.   The name “settlement” derives from the practice of early reformers to “settle” among the people they served.   Friendly House is what the name implies.   Since 1896, Friendly House has sought to meet the needs of the community.   Whether it was penny movies in the depression era or the current child care programs, the common goal throughout the years is to bring a mutual respect to everyone who enters our doors.

Friendly House continues to offer programs targeting economically challenged individuals and families, providing programs and services for preschool aged children through senior citizens which support our family-based approach to service.   While some of the programs have a fee structure that is based on family size and income, none of the programs determine eligibility for service based on income.

Services include:

We are located at:
1221 Myrtle Street
Davenport, IA  52804