You are invited to become a part of Friendly House!  You can invest your time, money or energy and connect with people in need.  We are all connected to one another – connected in our neighborhoods, connected in our community and connected in spirit.

By investing in children, you can ensure children in our Preschool program have kindergarten readiness skills.  The first 2000 days of a child’s life are critical to their healthy development, and lay a foundation that enables a child to be ready for school and life.

By investing in families, you can ensure people are able to receive the most basic of services within our food pantry.

By investing in seniors, you can promote overall wellness through education, fitness, enrichment, and nutritional services.

Stay connected to Friendly House and the thousands of people we serve each year.

To learn about ways that you can support Friendly House, please contact Andi at 563-323-1821 ext 28.