Volunteering at the Friendly House has many benefits.  Being a part of the Friendly House volunteer team, you can connect with your community on many different levels and help people in need.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in volunteering or contact Terry at 563-323-1821 ext. 13 for more information.


Volunteer Opportunities

Youth-Volunteer opportunities include providing educational experiences for youth (music, sports, drama, dance, etc.)   Programs include:  Full Day Preschool (Year-Round), Partial Day Preschool (September–May), Afterschool and Plus Program (September–May), and Summer Daycare (June–Mid-August). *All persons interested in volunteering for our youth programs must complete a full criminal background check to ensure the safety of our children.

Seniors (Year-Round)-Volunteer opportunities include providing educational programs, assisting with meal preparation, and assisting during programming.

Families (Year-Round)-Volunteer opportunities include food pantry, holiday assistance; VITA Income Tax Volunteers, SHIIP program, family night, and holiday meals.

Clerical Assistance & Groundskeeping (Year-Round)-Volunteer opportunities include greeting participants, answering phone calls, cleaning, mowing, and snow removal.

Board of Directors (Year-Round) – Board service is an excellent way to have a substantial and ongoing impact in your community.  As a member of our dedicated team of concerned and engaged members, you can identify strategic goals, seek out diverse opportunities for collaboration, and help support the amazing community of services and people that is Friendly House.

Event Planning -Be involved in creating the look and details of one of our two annual fundraising events, assist with event sponsorship, recruiting volunteers, decorating, silent auction asks, and event logistics.