Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Where is Friendly House located?
A:  Friendly House is located at 1221 Myrtle Street, Davenport, IA.  We are one block east of Marquette Street, and five blocks south of Locust Street.

Q:  Who does Friendly House serve?
A:  We serve all ages, preschool-aged children through senior citizens.  We are a neighborhood center, and our doors are open to all of those in need.  We do not have any geographical boundaries, except for those in need of the food pantry.  Each year, we typically serve over 9,000 people in our community.

Q:  What exactly is a settlement house?
A:  The term “settlement house” derives from the movement that originally started in London in the late 19th century, later moving to the United States.  One of the first (and best known) settlement houses is the Hull House in Chicago, IL, originally founded by Jane Addams.  Settlement houses offered a wide variety of social services often targeted toward immigrants and the urban poor, including food, shelter, and basic needs, as well as higher education and Americanization classes.  The premise was that the social workers live in the area in which they are serve, becoming a part of the neighborhood they serve.  While the model of service has been modified, settlement houses like Friendly House are still community-focused, family-based, and often have a lifelong relationship with those they serve.

Q:  How are you funded?
A:  Our major funding sources are attributed to United Way of the Quad Cities, Community Development Block Grant, Federal Grants, Program Fees, & Corporate, Individual and Foundation Gifts.

Q:  When was the Friendly House founded?
A:  1896.  We have a rich heritage in our community in which we are extremely proud.  To find out more, click here.