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Friendly House has been in existence since 1896, and we have a rich heritage and connection to the people in our community.

Were you a “Friendly House Kid”?  Do you have memories of Penny Movies, playing basketball on a Friendly House team, or one of the many theatrical shows?

We scrapbook pictures and stories, and we’d love to hear your story.   Email us!  Stories may be posted with your permission.


Recent Stories Submitted:

“I get to meet good, decent people.  I get good food three times a week.  I can express myself and learn a lot of ways to do things.  I enjoy all the crafts that we do here.  I enjoy all my old good friends I meet here.  If I come here I know I won’t die young.  I’ll reach to be 100 someday, God willing!  He see’s me.  So He’s the one who decides.  I met lots of good friends here.

~Lola (Senior Program Participant)


“Friendly House sponsors the Child and Adult Food Program, which is very beneficial to my child development home.  The children and I enjoy having Lisa and Alice come to my home for inspections.  They give me good nutrition information and tips for saving on food costs.  I feel very comfortable asking Lisa and Alice questions about nutrition and food preparation.  They are a valuable resource to me and my childcare program.”

~Kathy (Child and Adult Care Food Program – Home Child Care Provider)


“My husband and I are hard-working taxpayers and we are fortunate enough to have a loving, healthy family and a roof over our heads.  With the economy the way it has been over the past few years, our income just hasn’t been the same.  We thought we couldn’t do it anymore.  I learned about Friendly House and what a blessing it has been.  Friendly House helped to assist us financially for daycare for our boys.  This has been a godsend, because it meant that our boys could remain in daycare and preschool at the good quality facility we have grown to love, with caregivers we have known for over five years now and have become a family to us.  The big picture is that our bucket spills over and helps build a stronger community.  The work Friendly House does is priceless and the long-term benefits are immeasurable.”

~Angie (Childcare Scholarship Recipient)


“I like coloring rainbows, I like choices of playing.  I like going outside and kissing my brain.”

~Maya, age  3 (Friendly Kid’s Corner Participant)


“The Friendly House has filled my bucket and my daughter’s, by having a great pre-k program.  Also, the food pantry and the Christmas gift program, family week fun night, and much more.  It’s a great place for family and friends- everyone is friendly!”

~Shannon and Zeniah (PreschoolParent and Participant)


“I enjoy the friends I have made here.  The field trips are always lots of fun.  Plus days are the best!  I like coming to Friendly House even when I don’t have to.”

~Theodore, age 9 (Afterschool, Summer Daycare & Plus Day Participant)


“As a kid, I grew up on Claussen Street.  I took cooking classes and embroidery classes at the old Friendly House.”

~Shirley (Past Friendly House Kid-Posted 2009)


“I went to kindergarten at the original Friendly House.  I took dancing lessons, made crafts and always went to dances held on Taylor Street.  My boys also came to Friendly House.  One took a cooking class, and turned out to be a great cook.”

~Louise B. (Past Friendly House Kid-Posted 2008)


“Going to the penny movies when the Friendly House was on Third Street.  I still come to play Bingo.  I’ve met a lot of great people, and I will come as long as I am able.”

~Dee L. (Past Friendly House Kid-Posted 2008)


“I’ve been coming to Friendly House since I was five years old.  I took sewing, cooking, dance and drama classes.  I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.  I am very grateful.”

~Jerry H. (Past Friendly House Kid-Posted 2008)


“During high school (in the 1940’s), I played basketball and baseball for the Friendly House.  It was a lot of fun.”

~(Past Friendly House Kid-Posted 2008)