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Generations of Quad Cities families have found Friendly House to be a haven, a social center, giver of counsel, extender of the helping hand and catalyst to involvement.  Friendly House is a settlement house.  The settlement philosophy was brought to America from England in 1886 by Jane Addams.  The name “settlement” derives from the practice of early reformers to “settle” among the people they served.

Now over a century old, Friendly House originated in the “Bucktown” district of Davenport where concern for people living in the area led the Rev. Ned Lee to establish the People’s Union Mission.  In 1911, the mission became non-denominational and changed its name to Friendly House.  Two years later, due to changing demographics, Friendly House moved to Third and Taylor Streets.  In 1993, Friendly House moved to our current home at 1221 Myrtle Street.

The more things change…The more things stay the same.

Were you a “Friendly House Kid”?  Do you have memories of Penny Movies, playing basketball on the Friendly House team, jumping on the trampoline, or one of the many theatrical shows?

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